Month: November 2019

20 Cogs Review – Make £200 Online

20 Cogs Review - Make £200 Online

Time for a 20 Cogs review! Here at Simply Cash Hacks the make money section is all about showing you a variety of trusted ways to make money outside of a typical job. With a profit of £200 plus up for grabs, I can’t miss out doing a post on favourite for many 20 Cogs. […]

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How To Build Emergency Cash Pots

Emergency Cash Pots: How To Build

Emergency cash pots! Want to build an emergency cash pot but don’t know where to start? I’m going to talk you through how to build and maintain an emergency cash pot. The biggest reason that people get into investing money is to have money put away for a rainy day. Whilst investing for a big […]

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Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

best wordpress plugins

Wondering what are the best wordpress plugins? Firstly not only is blogging a great way to express your creative side and clear your mind. But as the world becomes more aware of how profitable blogging as a business is. More people are turning to blogging to achieve a part time and even a full time […]

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