Hi I’m Carlene “Candy” Harris, SimplyCashHacks.Com was created as a space for me to share with you my proven tips and tricks to make more money, save more money and invest more money. I’ve done the trials and errors so you don’t have to.

A little about me…

I first dipped my toes into making money unconventionally whilst at university studying Fashion Promotion. My initial experience was with a popular Multi Level Marketing (or direct selling if you like) business in 2013. Coincidentally, this was also the year that I first dabbled in the wonderful world of matched betting, which is a money making staple for me today.

Specialising in Fashion Styling, my decisions worked well together as I learned creative ways to save and make money without a traditional job. Subsequently inheriting the perk of knowing all the tips and tricks to have a fashionable lifestyle without the high price tag such as; efficiently budgeting both on and off set and how to spot the best bargains and free deals to enjoy luxuries. More importantly, I learnt how to avoid being confined to a “on a budget” lifestyle.

Along my journey, I’ve been in debt and come out of debt without having to resort back into traditional employment. As a result, I can now regularly enjoy treating myself without the dreaded worry of financial complications following. I’ve had my credit rating hit rock bottom and learned through trial and error how to build my credit rating. My credit rating is now something I look forward to checking monthly and seeing the growth. In summary, this isn’t to brag but to show you that just like me you too can make steps to turn things around to make more money to improve and enjoy your life.

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