Affiliate Marketing:

Advertising and affiliate links are featured on SimplyCashHacks.Com; these are used because they help to build revenue for the site. An affiliate link is classified as a link for a service or product that carries you through to a page where you would for example make a purchase or sign up. At no expense to you, I would receive a commission for this.


I believe that it is essential that visitors to SimplyCashHacks.Com’s privacy involving their personal information is always maintained, therefore you can also be assured that your personal information will never be sold on to any third parties. Please find below information detailing the type of personal information that is collected and attained when you SimplyCashHacks.Com is visited and used.

  • Log Files:  

At SimplyCashHacks.Com data like most websites, is used and held within log files. The information from you that is held within the log files include your ISP (internet service provider, BT for example), which browser site that you used when visiting (Google Chrome for example) and your internet protocol (IP) address. Also which pages on the site you visited and how long you visited SimplycashHacks.Com for.

  •   Cookies and Web Beacons:

The use of cookies allows visitors to be able to log in to some of’s features and for us to be able to store information such as your personal preferences when you visit SimplyCashHacks.Com. You may also be shown a pop-up once during your visit.

SimplyCashHacks.Com is supported with the use of third party advertisements. When advertising on technology such as web beacons and cookies may be used by some of the advertisers. This allows advertisers to receive information, which includes your ISP, choice of browser used when visiting the site, your IP address and possibly whether you have Flash installed. Such information is predominately used for geo-targeting purposes, for example displaying fashion based adverts to someone who regularly frequents fashion websites. You are able to selectively or completely disable our cookies or third-party cookies through software such as Norton Internet Security’s managing preferences or through your browser settings. However, by doing so this may impact your ability to interact with websites including SimplyCashHacks.Com. An area that may be affected is your ability to log in to a website and leave a comment.


It is necessary that you double opt-in when subscribing to anything featured on SimplyCashHacks.Com; this includes any free downloadable products. Your subscription will not be active until the link within the confirmation email that you will receive has been clicked. By subscribing you will receive special offers and newsletters.

Should you wish to unsubscribe at any time, click the ‘unsubscribe’ button that will be present at the bottom of any emails. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe by emailing and stating so.

Please be aware that my mailing list provider, Mailer Lite, stores your details, which includes; your email address, name and IP address. This information is accessible to any Simply Cash Hacks employees, and me, which includes employees working on a freelance basis.

Subject Access Request:

Under the Data Protection Act (Section 7), if you would like to request a copy of any information I have regarding you, please send an email to with your email address and name. To ensure sensitive data is sent to the correct individual, the same email address used previously must be used. If the email address is no longer accessible, the email address that was used must be stated in the email, alongside photographic ID (passport/driving licence). Legally I am allowed one month to reply to any Subject Access Requests.

Comment Policy:

Comments are very much welcome, however by doing so you agree to:

  • Your name being displayed publicly, unless you provide an alias when filling in the ‘name’ section of the comment field.
  • Comments posted may feature at the bottom of blog posts.
  • Whilst this will not be displayed publicly, if you leave a comment your IP address will be noted.
  • Whilst the option is available should you wish to be emailed when anyone replies to your comment, there is also a link for you to unsubscribe to receiving emails. Your email address will not be displayed publicly and you are also not subscribing to receive any marketing tools from me, such as newsletters, when you leave a comment with your email address.

Comments submitted are reviewed and approved at my discretion prior to being featured on SimplyCashHacks.Com

Outside websites:

Whilst links to other websites feature in my blog posts, I am only responsible for the privacy policies and content on SimplyCashHacks.Com.

Data breaches:

In the event that any data breaches occur, you will be informed as soon as it is brought to my attention.