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20 Cogs Review - Make £200 Online

Time for a 20 Cogs review! Here at Simply Cash Hacks the make money section is all about showing you a variety of trusted ways to make money outside of a typical job. With a profit of £200 plus up for grabs, I can’t miss out doing a post on favourite for many 20 Cogs.

What is 20 Cogs?

20 Cogs is a free to sign up to website, which consists of users completing competitions, offers, games and surveys (COGS). Each offer is known as a cog. There are a total of 20 cogs that you have to complete before you can cash out. 20 Cogs also currently have an offer of a £5 welcome bonus to anyone that signs up. You’re also given the option with each cog of being able to cycle through the offers available until you find a cog that you want to do. This is an ideal feature if you come across an offer that you have already completed elsewhere.

How much can you earn?

The average 20 Cogs user will cash out at least £200 at the end of completing the tasks. This is why 20 Cogs is so popular. It’s one of the few methods that only require consistency for a relatively short amount of time to profit a big reward. There’s also potential to make more as 20 Cogs has bonus offers. Although these offers won’t directly increase your 20 Cogs earnings. They will however make you a profit alongside your 20 Cogs earnings. The bonus offers consist of offers such as free casino spins and earning through survey sites.

How long does it take to cash out?

How long it takes to cash out at 20 Cogs is dependent on how quickly you go through the 20 offers. Each offer once completed has to be confirmed, which may be quick. However, confirmation of each cog may take up to 45 days. Each cog turns amber when it’s pending for the advertiser to confirm that you completed the offer. It will then turn green once it’s been confirmed. Once all 20 cogs are green you will be able to cash out. A claim button will appear when it’s time for you to cash out. The options available to receive your payout are via BACS and PayPal, which should arrive to you within a few days of submitting.

Is there any other ways to make money with 20 Cogs?

Yes! 20 Cogs has a great referral scheme that doesn’t require you to be an influencer of any sort to benefit from. The average user can and should be taking advantage of 20 Cogs refer a friend scheme. With 20 Cogs Refer A Friend scheme not only will you earn 5% of what your friends and family make through 20 Cogs forever. But you will also get a £20 bonus when they complete their 20 Cogs.

So to summarise my 20 Cogs review…

20 Cogs is similar to Oh My Dosh, which I have done a blog post about previously. Both are fantastic companies in their own right. Oh My Dosh provides lightning offers, which have a payout of within 3 working days. Which is definitely the fastest payout company of its kind. Whilst 20 Cogs excels at providing a high pay out once all the offers are completed. With 20 Cogs you may receive spam emails from some of the offers. Making a dedicated email address to complete your 20 Cogs easily solves this. Overall, 20 Cogs certainly gets my approval and who doesn’t want to make £200 from the comfort of their sofa in their spare time.

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