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cake decorating classes: how to earn with cakes

Cake decorating classes are a popular remote learning search right now. So many people have taken to baking their way through the pandemic. Just before the pandemic struck there’s been an influx in people setting up cake businesses. But currently baking cakes is so popular that flour has been flying off the shelves. The most popular cake styles swarming our social media pages this year. Have been able to fit into one of two categories. The first being the revival cakes. These are your primary school style cakes such as the notorious sprinkle cakes. These instantly bring you back to your childhood. Especially when teamed with a lovely side of custard. The second category is the elaborate cakes. These are the high priced cakes that bakers charge hundreds just for their elaborate decorations. That people are happy to pay for.

Bold and towering cake designs are no longer reserved for weddings. So if you’re considering setting up a cake business you’ll notice in order to stand out from the baking crowd. You need to master decorating cakes. Making online cake decorating classes essential for your business and a skill you can develop whilst at home.

So how can I earn with cakes?

There is a range of ways that you can make a profit with a cake business. You can make to order, bare in mind you’ll need to meet health and safety standards for this method. So make sure that if this is the path that you choose that you’re familiar with the legal requirements first.

Another popular method is teaching others how to make cakes or simply just to decorate them. For this method you could choose to teach people one to one via Zoom for example, to be able to meet lockdown requirements. Or teach a small group of people, the choice is up to you. You may want to teach one to one to get used to teaching first.

This is a business that you could turn into a form of passive income; you could create a teaching course through Teachable. Or you could set up a Patreon, where people would pay a regular fee to subscribe to your content instead. The Patreon method would require more maintenance to keep subscribers interested so wouldn’t be entirely passive but definitely a method that requires less commitment.

A long-term method would be to step up a YouTube channel and earn through Google ads like creating a blog. This method would also bring customers to other areas of your business such as if you also had one to one classes as well.

Is cake decorating classes expensive?

This wouldn’t be a Simply Cash Hacks post if I didn’t tell you how to save money on your cake decorating classes. Now courses can be pretty expensive but for many you can save money if you look hard enough. I found for you the Professional Cake Decorating Course Online by I Study. The course is worth £316 but it’s currently on offer for £21! That’s a massive saving of £295. With this course you’ll have unlimited access so you don’t have to complete it within a set timeframe, great for those who can’t commit much time. It’s a level 3 Diploma with a certificate upon completion. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credited and you’ll have full access to a tutor on weekdays.

I’m struggling with the business aspect, any help?

It’s perfectly understandable for the business aspect to be the most daunting for you. If you’re going to be making cakes to sell, rather than selling tutorials for example. A cake business course, will educate you on the legal aspects. Make sure that the course is made for your country so the legal aspects are correct for you.

The Cake Making Business Diploma Course by Centre of Excellence is worth £127 but with using a discount code to get 70% off (PICODI70 or AZ426). Both discount codes were verified on the 18th May 2020. With 70% the course is now £38.10! Giving you a great saving of £88.90. This course also provides you with lifetime access, full tutor support and a CPD certificate upon completion. You’ll also receive a diploma certificate upon completion from the Centre of Excellence. As well as a certificate of achievement from leading national awards organisation, ABC Awards.

That’s it!

I hope this post has inspired people to learn and eventually profit from a new and tasty skill. Alongside many people being able to spend more time with their loved ones through quarantining together. Being in lockdown has given the majority of people the time to acquire new skills. As well as become better acquainted with past skills. Maybe this thinking time has made you have doubts about your current career field? Or you’ve been thinking about changing careers for a while but never looked further into it.

Whatever the reason, remember that having multiple income streams are better than just having one. What’s most important are for your income streams to be created doing things that you’re enjoying doing. That also happens to bring in money. If you go onto use your skill to create an eBook or video course for example, you’ve then made a passive income stream. The current pandemic has definitely proven that the more diverse your income streams are. The more fall back you have if one income source is affected for whatever reason. Thank you for reading and enjoy your cake decorating classes and building a business!

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