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Get paid to review websites?

Yes you definitely read the title correctly; you can certainly get paid to review websites. There is a lot of money to be made online and this is another one that you can do between Netflix breaks. This is one of the side hustles that I have done the longest. If you haven’t already guessed I’m excited to be able to share it with you. Whilst there are two sites that I have signed up to freely and been paid to review websites. For the nature of this post I’ll be focusing on my favourite between the two, What Users Do.

What is What Users Do?

As I mentioned before, What Users Do is a completely free to sign up to website that connects companies with reviewers to test their website. By doing so it helps companies to understand their customers better and therefore, improve their conversions. To begin with you will be asked to carry out a simple test review. All you have to do is follow the instructions given to download the screen recorder and carry out the task given. While carrying out the tasks you are expected to talk openly through the process, this is how you give your review. The talking although initially can seem daunting is the easiest part, you just have to talk about how your finding the task so far.

As long as you make sure your background is clear and you follow the instructions, you will have no problem passing the test. The task itself is also very simple and easy to follow so this won’t be a problem. Once you have been approved, which I have to say is a quick turnaround; you’ll be eligible for paid tests. I haven’t found the paid tests to be more difficult than the initial test or time consuming.

How does payment work?

This aspect of What Users Do is very much like a regular job. Once a test has been completed and accepted, you will receive payment on the 25th of the preceding month. The website is easily laid out with quite a simple design. It’s also easy to find out how much you’ve made so far. I have been reviewing websites with What Users Do for years and never had any problem with payment. Each test is at the same payment rate of £5.

Not only are tests regularly advertised but you’ll also be invited to do tests on a mobile or tablet device. You will be given the necessary application to record your phone screen for free, which is great. Whilst you are often emailed when a test is available, they’re done on a first come basis. To combat this check in to the website while watching TV so you can see when a test becomes available.


I love side hustles that don’t require too much attention to get started and this is definitely one of them. To start with it is strange talking out into the open air but you soon get over this and it becomes a natural habit when doing tests. I especially check the website during quiet times at home. With What Users Do you can consistently make around £50 a month, so who said you can’t make money from your bed.