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IT Technician Job: How To Enter The Field

An IT Technician job is fantastic for anyone that enjoys solving computer-based problems. It may sound as if it’s a hard to get into job field but it’s actually quite easy. This is a field that will suit so many people in today’s society as most people already have the qualifications needed and are experienced with using the main software programs. So if you enjoy problem solving tasks and spending your working hours around a computer. Here’s how you can enter the field.

What is an IT Technician?

An IT Technician is responsible for diagnosing and solving issues regarding a computer’s software and hardware. To do so, you need to be knowledgeable of the main software programs that are used. You will also need to be knowledgeable on the use of computers as a whole. The role is often undertaken within an office or contact centre. However, an IT Technician can work remotely, including from home as a freelancer. The role also leaves area for progression, such as moving onto network engineering, IT security or database administration. In terms of work pattern, an IT Technician job may require you to work full time office hours. Or have a more flexible pattern and just do weekends or evenings.

What’s the pay like?

An IT Technician job has a starting annual salary of £16,000. This isn’t a lot of money and may put you off considering the job. But the annual salary for an experienced IT Technician is £35,000. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the average annual salary for a full time role in 2020 was £38,600. For a part time role this was found to be £13,803. Whilst the salary for experienced IT Technicians is slightly below the national average. As it’s a field that doesn’t require many qualifications to get into, this makes up for the pay difference. Particularly as the starting wage is higher than what the average part time role will give you. The minimum qualifications that you’ll need are at least 2 GCSEs.

So how would I get a job?

This field has the option of entering under an apprenticeship. One way that you could join is through contacting companies and finding out the contact information for who manages the IT department. Once known, you can email them with your intentions with a supporting statement and your CV. Or you could call them.

If you have enough experience and qualifications already, you won’t have to start as an apprentice. The method of pitching would be the same, however instead you can focus on highlighting the experience or qualifications you already possess. Whilst you will be pitching to a range of companies, you do want to make sure there’s something distinct about each pitch. So they feel you’ve at least understood their company’s ethos, which will increase your likelihood of being accepted. By speaking to various companies you’ll get a better understanding of which ones offer their employees a better deal.

But what if I’ve never pitched before?

Being able to pitch to brands is a skill in which you will learn to do for numerous business fields. The more you do them the better you’ll get, so there’s no time like the present to get started. You can also use social media to help your quest by researching companies on LinkedIn. The more background homework you do, the quicker you’ll be able to weed out companies that you wouldn’t want to work with. Remember the key to a successful business partnership is mutual happiness. They need to fit your views, just as much as you fit theirs.

Be aware before pitching that a lot of companies will check your social media, especially your LinkedIn profile. So make sure that it looks as professional as possible and sells your skills in the best way possible. You could also search which companies are already advertising specifically for IT Technician roles. Or advertise your services as a freelancer on freelancer work websites such as Fiverr.

That’s it!

Becoming an IT Technician is a great career choice to enter into. It holds opportunity to progress to beyond the role and has a great salary once you’re experienced. Another positive is the entry requirements are straightforward. You could opt for an apprenticeship, or you could take a Level 2/ GCSEs course.

If you did choose to go down the GCSE route, the benefit of this is you can apply your new qualifications to any field. Also it would only take you under a year to complete your GCSEs. Which, you can do as a part time course. This would allow you to work on other sources of income whilst completing your studies. The length of time it would take you to obtain your GCSEs in comparison to a university course. Which takes an average of 3 years to complete. Adds an additional bonus in favour of building an income source with an IT Technician job.

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