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Matched Betting, what is that?

Matched Betting is a legal way to make money from the free bet offers from betting companies. You “back” a bet to win on the betting site, then “lay” the bet on a betting exchange site to lose. This is where it differs from gambling as by laying off a bet. Regardless of the outcome of the match, you’re guaranteed to profit. Can it get any better? Yes it can, legally it’s classed as gambling and therefore all earnings are tax-free.

How did you get into it?

It was the year 2013, the year I first began exploring earning options outside of the work place. A casual scroll across Google led me to a newspaper article on Matched Betting. As the article glistened over how easily and quickly anyone can make thousands online by taking advantage of the free bet offers from betting sites. WOW I thought, my young mind racing with ideas of how I was going to spend my soon to be surplus of cash. So armed with a quick glimpse of a how to and randomly picking an odds calculator, I trotted off to place my first bet and await my fortune. Only… it didn’t work out quite as I had planned, and certainly put a damper on any plans of telling the corporate world where to stick it.

In these early stages I had won bets and lost bets, where was I going wrong I thought. Then it dawned on me, my knowledge of laying bets off wasn’t up to par and I was actually gambling. I hadn’t lost much money but as a student every penny counts. Back to the drawing board, this time properly learn the ropes. With at least knowledge of what not to do, and it paid off!

What changed for me?

I signed up to Profit Accumulator. Profit Accumulator offers a free trial consisting of two bet offers. Each offer included a detailed step-by-step guide, with videos and a guaranteed profit. Each bet offer on the website is current and very descriptive. Following the free trial, I have paid for my membership ever since. This is a big income source for me, and now I can carry out an offer within minutes and spot good odds. The earning potential from Matched Betting is endless and I love being able to place bets in advance so I can earn while I do other things. So my tip to be successful with matched betting? Make sure you’re fully supported when you make that jump into matched betting. Definitely don’t try to learn it off the back of a newspaper article like I did.