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Make Money From Surveys: Prolific Academic

Can you make money from surveys?

It is definitely possible to make money from surveys, not just a few pounds either. A variety of paying surveys sites are available, but my absolutely favourite is Prolific Academic. Prolific Academic connects researchers who are carrying out surveys for academic studies with participants. Signing up is free and unlike other survey sites, Prolific Academic has a simple yet comprehensive questionnaire at the beginning. Ensuring that you are only sent surveys that you actually qualify for. There is nothing more off putting with survey websites than being constantly screened out for surveys.

What about the pay?

It’s better than what similar websites pay, although it does vary. Recently a survey was listed with a fee of £12, just for you to record yourself saying the phrases given. I always aim to have at least £20 in my Prolific Academic account before withdrawing it. This builds up quickly as surveys are frequently available. During exam periods such as December, May etc., this frequency increases even more. You can consistently make around £50 per month from Prolific Academic.

Are there any drawbacks?

Like other survey websites and life in general, the early bird catches the worm. Surveys typically go quickly, especially the higher paying ones as they are done on a first come basis. This is simple to get around by keeping the Prolific Academic website open in a browser tab especially while watching Netflix. By doing so, you’ll always be one of the first to know when a survey is available. I do this while doing other work on my laptop, the surveys are usually quick to do and therefore hardly infringe on other tasks. I love that Prolific Academic has allowed me to turn sessions of mindlessly browsing the Internet, into being productive and financially beneficial. This came in extremely handy when at one point my earnings from Prolific Academic were my only consistent source of income.

Any more tips?

I think the most important tip with making money from surveys is, never turn your nose up at money. You will come across surveys with a fee of less than £1, but these pennies still all add up in the end. In the end it’s still easy money and more than you had before. Another thing to keep in mind is making a note of your monthly progress; this is especially handy when starting a new side hustle. The reasoning behind this is not only to see if it is indeed proving profitable for you. This stems as a source of reliable motivation when life stresses are getting in the way. Whilst encouragement from others can be doubtful, you can trust evidence from yourself that you’re nearing closer to your goal.

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