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Matched Betting Blog Series: Increase Your Profit

Matched Betting blog series! So as you all know I LOVE matched betting. It’s one of my favourite side hustles and I’ve even been featured in the news about matched betting. So you’ll find that I will cover matched betting a lot on Simply Cash Hacks. I’ve done matched betting blog posts a few times already before (here and here). But I’ve still got more ways for you to make the most of matched betting. I’ve explained how to make money from matched betting by placing a “back” bet in a betting website and then “laying” the bet off in a betting exchange website to take advantage of the free bet offers betting companies use to entice customers. As well as using Profit Accumulator to find your bets to increase your profit. There are more ways of placing bets to increase your matched betting profit.

What is matched betting again?

To quickly recap again, matched betting is a legal and tax-free way to make money by taking advantage of the free bets and offers that betting companies offer their customers. The actual process of matched betting consists of you placing two bets on the same event. One is for an outcome, known as placing a “back” bet, which is done within a betting website. The other is against the same outcome. Known as placing a “lay” bet, which is done within a betting exchange website instead.

Isn’t matched betting just gambling?

No. The lay bet that is placed ensures that both outcomes of the event are covered. Therefore you’re not relying on luck like you are with gambling. With gambling you only place one bet on an event, which leaves the other possible outcome, and most importantly your money, unprotected. This is why matched betting is risk free and not the same as gambling. However, matched betting is classed as gambling in terms of tax. Your profit is deemed as winnings, which is what makes it tax-free.

But why would betting companies give away free bets and offers?

Free bets and offers are used as a form of marketing by betting companies to entice new customers. Whilst also keeping the interest of current customers. There are always offers you can do. This is how you still earn money from matched betting even after you’ve done all the sign up offers. Making matched betting a sustainable side hustle.

So how do you know find these free bets and offers?

You want to know how do you go about finding these free bets and offers. Well there are two ways you can go about doing finding free bets and offers. One way is to manually and regularly look for them. Making note of what each betting website is currently offering. The issue with this method is many offers are on the matches themselves. To make the most of it wouldn’t be as simple as just going to each betting company’s homepage. When big matches and annual events are happening. Multiple betting companies have a wide range of bets, including on the same event, to get stuck into.

This is where the second option of finding bets and offers comes in. This is using a website that already has the free bets and offers listed and regularly updated for you. You’ll also be guided with step-by-step instructions on how to carry out each bet. Because these steps are done for you you’re already increasing your profit by making sure you’re not missing out on the best offers or making mistakes when carrying out each bet. These are the very reasons why I use Profit Accumulator and why I encourage using it in every matched betting blog post.

So there are more ways to place bets?

Yes! This what is exciting about matched betting because there is more than one way you can get involve. You can also combine these, which is how you’ll increase your profit.

So without further ado, here are more ways of placing matched betting bets:

  • Dutching – For this method you’ll still place a back bet in a bookmaker website as normal. However, instead of placing a lay bet in a betting exchange website. Your back bet is balanced by placing an opposing back bet with another bookmaker website not a betting exchange website.
  • Price Boosts – Here you are taking advantage of when bookmakers briefly and intentionally boost a selection’s price within an event. By teaming a boosted back bet with a lay bet that is lower in price than your back bet. The price difference will give you an instant profit.
  • Accumulators – Accumulator “Acca” bets consist of multiple outcomes. In order for you to win, all of these outcomes need to win. If one of the outcomes “a leg” within an Accas loses, then the bet overall has lost. But by placing a lay bet on each leg on a betting exchange website. You can guarantee a profit.
  • Horse Refunds – This is when bookmakers offer a free bet if your horse finishes second for example. By also placing a lay bet using a betting exchange website we can minimise qualifying losses. Horse refunds pay off over time, which is why it’s considered a longer term matched betting strategy for profit.
  • Each Way – An each way bet consists of two horse racing bets. The first is on the horse winning and the second is on the horse to place (finish in a set number of positions such as third). Using a betting exchange website, lay bets are placed to cover both of these bets. Ensuring qualifying losses are limited or neutralised. You’ll earn double your usual profit if both bets win.

Matched Betting Blog Series

Is there anything else that you haven’t mentioned?

Betting websites usually also have a casino section, there are also websites that only offer casino games. Now another marketing tool that is often used is offering customers free spins on casino games. Usually you’ll be required to make a deposit first. Whilst this is worth mentioning as a way to increase your profit, these offers may not be risk free so check the terms for each offer carefully before carrying these out. Profit Accumulator does tell you which casino offers are risk free and which aren’t. With casino offers I stick to the risk free ones only, I’ve earned a good profit from these including one offer that made me over £130 but that isn’t the norm.

Just like fitness influencers can make money by becoming a brand ambassador for fitness brands. You can also increase your profit by becoming an affiliate for Profit Accumulator. Affiliate marketing is when a company pays an affiliate a commission for promoting their product or service. To become an affiliate you just need to apply for their affiliate program. Once you’re approved you’ll be given your own unique link to send to your friends and family and make a profit when they sign up for the subscription. For this you’ll receive 50% of any revenue after tax! By sharing your matched betting journey people will naturally ask how you do it so it’s an easy and passive way to make money.

Final notes

So there you have it! Different ways you can place bets to increase your profit. You can find detailed guides and offers for each method on the Profit Accumulator website. Make sure that you’re comfortable with simply placing bets first. You also might want to experiment with each additional method at your own pace to see what you like. Hope you enjoyed this segment of my matched betting blog series.

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