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nail technician: how to start your business

Being a Nail Technician can be an amazingly lucrative career. Continuing from my previous post where I taught you how you can save money by doing salon nails yourself. During this post I’ll show you how you can expand from just doing your own nails. To starting an established and flourishing Nail Technician business. So if you enjoyed learning how to do your own nails at home. Or you already have experience doing nails but have yet to turn it into a business. This is the perfect guide for you to learn how to start a Nail Technician business.

Why become a nail technician

The beauty of becoming a Nail Technician is like other roles within the creative industry. You’re not tied to working in only one setting. You don’t have to just work in a salon. There will be options to work from home inviting clients to you. You can work within client’s homes, within a spa setting. Or even work as a freelance nail artist for fashion shoots. You can also sell nail related items from your home, which we’ll discuss further below.

The ability to work only on weekends or evenings, allows you to fit working as a Nail Technician in with current commitments. This is ideal if you need to fit your work around any childcare demands. A nail technician on average makes between £12,500 and £25,000 a year. But as this is just an average, there is the ability to make much more.

Are there any affordable nail technician courses?

So you’ve decided that you want to turn your new passion into a money venture. Whether you decide this is just something to do on the side or to do as a career path. Your clients will be looking to make sure that you know the essential information. Particularly that the safety of your clients won’t be compromised by your service. You want to make sure that your business is all above board and you can provide clients with that comfort. Yet you may be worried that in order to be able to show your clients that you have official certificates. You’ll have to spend money on an expensive and lengthy course. You may be worried that you won’t be able to afford such a course.

Thankfully Centre of Excellence has two courses that will be able to give you an answer. Whilst allowing you to work in your own time. The first course is the Nail Technician Diploma course, which currently has 9,000 students enrolled. The course is both certified and accredited. As well as lifetime access so you can take as long as you need to complete. Or you can put the course down to start it at a later date. The second course that you may be interested in is the Nail Art Business Diploma course. This is also accredited, certified and lifetime access given. The Nail Art course currently has 16,000 students enrolled.

In terms of cost, each course costs £127, with the option to pay the balance in affordable payments. However, with a quick Google search there are coupons available to reduce the cost per course to a much easier balance. By entering the code (LEARN2020), which was verified on the 19th December 2020. The cost for each course is now £29!

I want to start a nail business but I’m worried about another lockdown

When nail salons closed the first time round, many Nail Technicians learnt to diverse their business. Which resulted in many offering nails in the form of press-on nails. Not only does this allow you to maintain your regular clients. But also provide a service for clients far beyond your usual client reach. If you make a variety of different sizes in advance. You can choose whether to offer the service as customised orders only or as the standard generic shopping.

You may even decide to combine the two and allow customers to have extra details added for an additional fee. There are so many possibilities and this method suits so many nail wearers. Particularly as they can attach the press on nails for a long term fit. Like they would if they went to the nail salon. Or they can be worn as an easy to remove option, which is perfect for when your profession has a strict nail policy. Customers will also like the additional benefit of being able to reuse their press on nails another time.

Is there any other way to earn more?

You can also diversify your business by becoming a content creator. Simply uploading how to videos or just videos showing off various nails you’ve created. Uploads these videos onto websites that allow you to charge subscribers a subscription fee. The more subscribers the more your earnings will increase, as well as the more clients will be interested in hiring you to be their Nail Technician. Or they may be requesting to purchase press-on nails from you. Examples of suitable websites to do this include Only Fans and Patreon.

Another form of earning money as a content creator is to create a business YouTube page. Posting the same types of Nail Technician videos as mentioned before. Instead of a subscription, when your YouTube page is big enough. You’ll be able to apply for Google Adsense and make money through adverts. Through this method you can also charge brands to advertise their nail products. Building a YouTube page to this level won’t happen overnight. But once achieved you’ll be earning money passively from your older videos.

There you have it!

I hope this blog post showed you just how diverse your earnings could be from becoming a Nail Technician. Even if it’s just as a side hustle, there are the possibilities for you to expand your brand. Increasing your profit and even earning passively are endless. It’s never too late to learn a new skill and with modern social media it’s easier than ever to cut advertisement costs. Allowing you to start a business and advertise it to potential customers before your first payment.

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