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New Years 2019: How To Repair Your Overspending

New Years 2019 is literally around the corner, can you believe how fast this year went? Hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your families. So whilst some people may have had everything organised well in advance for Christmas. Saving for the occasion and buying from early isn’t a habit most people stick to this time of year. Worrying about how much you’ve overspent on Christmas is enough to dampen anyone’s festive spirit. Especially when credit cards have been used to pick up any financial shortfalls. So before you set out this week to catch any last minute end of year sale deals and pull out the credit cards. I’ll guide you through how to repair your Christmas period overspending so you can enjoy New Years 2019 and go into January 2020 debt free.

So let’s get started!


Etsy is a fantastic digital market to purchase handmade, vintage or custom crafts. Most importantly it’s a fantastic tool to sell crafts. This can range from physical items that you make or digital items that buyers will download on purchase. The ability to only have to create a digital item for download is a great form of passive income since you only need to create your digital product once. To create such items you can use Adobe Photoshop. But if you don’t have the Adobe design package you can use Canva, which is free. Examples of physical products you could make to sell on Etsy are candles, cushion covers and paintings on canvases. Examples of digital products are day planners, to do lists and digital art.

Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is a survey website that I’ve spoken about before (here). It’s my absolute favourite survey website as surveys on Prolific Academic typically have a higher pay rate than any other survey website. Surveys are posted regularly and approved quite quickly; researchers usually approve submissions within a week. However, Prolific Academic automatically approves your submissions after 22 days if the researcher hasn’t approved it by then. Providing you with added security of being paid for your work. Also making it easy to meet the minimum balance requirement for withdrawal, which is only £5.


With all those lovely new gifts that you got, chances are you have items you can now sell on to someone else. So lets start preparing for 2020 by beginning to declutter and make money by doing so. Depop is a digital market that hosts fashion items for buying and selling. Depop is perfect for making money decluttering as you run your entire depop selling business from your phone. Although it’s run from your phone you don’t need to be an influencer with a tonne of followers to make a profit. You’ll be joining the over 10 million creatives using the phone app.


Opening your own ecommerce business to sell products is a great income source. This is the secret to Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic brand’s success that’s made her nearly a billionaire. Making Shopify worth looking into. Shopify offers a free 14-day trial and the cheapest subscription plan start at $29 per month. If you’re just building a website with 1 or 2 staff accounts, then all you need is the basic subscription plan.

Although it’s a Canadian company, if you’re from the UK you can still use Shopify. All plans come with access to their 24-hour support service and phone app. Most importantly, all plans feature fraud analysis, so you can be reassured that your customers are genuine. Building a website is simple with Shopify, which is why it’s a staple favourite for anyone with little to no website design skills. You don’t need to physically house or buy stock either as you can opt for drop shipping. Meaning your products will be sent to your customers straight from your supplier after they place their order.

Airtime Rewards

Whilst you’re doing any last minute New Years 2019 deals shopping. Earning money through cashback is a great way to repair your overspending. Making money through cashback is one of the few side hustles that are tax-free. I’ve written about making money through cashback before (here). However, Airtime Rewards is not your usual cashback company. Airtime Rewards is a phone app that works with most phone network companies. You connect your phone number to the app and your bank cards. When you spend money with partnered retailers, you’ll receive cashback through the app that goes towards your phone bill. Meaning you can get your phone bill fully paid for just by shopping as you normally would. Giving you one less bill to pay. To redeem your cashback you only need to have £10 balance. Get free credit by using my code: PFX7N339

Be My Eye

Mystery shopping is a fantastic way to earn money, which I’ve written about before (here). With the Be My Eye phone app you get quick access to short mystery shopping missions near you. Currently over 2 million people have signed up to the Be My Eye app. The tasks that you’ll be completing are simple. Big brands hire you through Be My Eye to go into various stores and provide data on how their products are being displayed in stores.

You’ll see in the app the details for each task, including the pay. You’ll be told how long you have to complete as well. For each task these details are available for you to read before you accept. The app is updated regularly so you can do as little or as many tasks as you want. However, the missions are available on a first come first serve basis so make sure to regularly check the app so you don’t miss out. To get a £1 bonus for your first mission, use my code: 357gy2.

Matched Betting

A risk free way of making a profit from the free bets and bonuses betting companies offer. I’ve covered Matched Betting and utilising Profit Accumulator to increase your Matched Betting profits often on Simply Cash Hacks (here, here and here). But it’s still worth mentioning here, as it is one of the most profitable and tax-free side hustles that you can do in a short amount of time. One of your resolutions for New Years 2019 may be to try out Matched Betting and really see for yourself how profitable it is.

New Years 2019: How To Repair Your Overspending

That’s it for now!

Hope you enjoyed this post and take one of my New Years 2019 ideas into 2020. This will be my last blog post for 2019 so I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Thank you to those who have provided continued support and thank you and welcome to everyone that’s new to Simply Cash Hacks. See you all in 2020!

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