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No Risk Matched Betting: Make £10K A Year

No risk matched betting is all the rave right now. Especially with Christmas being around the corner. Excitingly I featured in the Daily Mail yesterday about how I made £30,000 in three years through matched betting. You can find my Daily Mail article by clicking here. Less than a month ago I also featured in I Newspaper about matched betting. To read my I Newspaper article click here.

What is matched betting?

I’ve written a blog post about matched betting before, which you can read here. But I’ll recap on what matched betting is. Matched betting has been going since the early 2000s and is perfectly legal. As a match better you make a profit from taking advantage of the free bets and bonuses that betting companies promote all the time. For each event you’re placing two bets. One is for and the other is against an outcome such as betting for a horse to win in an event and betting against that same horse winning that same event. Because unlike in traditional gambling, where you’re only betting on one outcome of an event. With matched betting you’re covering both outcomes of an event. This is what makes matched betting no risk.

The best thing about matched betting is that legally it is classified as gambling. All your earnings through matched betting are considered as gambling winnings, making them tax-free!

So how can you make £10,000 a year then?

At the beginning of my matched betting journey and through to this day I use matched betting company Profit Accumulator to find offers and calculate my bets. To begin with I took advantage of the free trial offer on Profit Accumulator. This trial offer consists of being able to do two bet offers, which you’ll make a profit from.

Profit Accumulator consists of easy to follow step-by-step guides for each bet, instructional videos and an active forum. My favourite aspect are the calculator features that calculate exactly what you need to type in to the betting sites, essentially eliminating human error. Also calculating how much profit you’ll make. There is also a feature that finds and tells you the best events to place bets on, so you don’t have to search for those either. After the trial you’ll sign up for their affordable platinum membership that can be paid monthly or annually. You’ll discover a wide range of offers to work through at your own pace. These offers are constantly being updated so there’s always offers available.

Is it true that you can actually make between £1,000 to £2,000 a month?

Yes! You can actually make between £1,000 to £2,000 a month from matched betting. I personally have a weekly matched betting target of £200. Which I achieve by spending just four hours a week placing bets. I decided on my weekly target amount because I’m also currently finishing off a nursing degree. My degree leaves little time for much else. When I’m not doing full time hour placements and especially during peak matched betting seasons. Such as peak football seasons and horse racing seasons such as Cheltenham festival. I easily make between £1,000 to £2,000 a month. But my general aim is just £200 a week and anything on top is considered an added bonus.

With matched betting it’s like any side hustle in terms of what you put into it is what you get out of it. What you choose to do with your money from matched betting is endless. Many people currently use matched betting to pay for family holidays, a wedding, as an income, buy a car and even for a mortgage.

In case you’re wondering how has matched betting helped me

In my case some of the things I’ve achieved through matched betting include buying a car and quickly pay off debts. These debts were gained when I just started studying to be a nurse. Being a student in general is expensive. But couple this with you being required to spend half of your time on the course doing full time hour placements. You’re not able to hold down even a part time job like students traditionally do. This is why most student nurses also work as a health care assistant on an agency basis. But this means doing even more 12 hours shifts. On top of the full time back-to-back 12 hours shifts you’re doing as a student nurse.

Overall, no risk matched betting has allowed me to create a lifestyle of financial freedom whilst studying as a student nurse. Matched betting is a side hustle, my favourite side hustle, which I will always do.

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