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Software Tester

What is a software tester?

Software testers work with developers during the deployment and development stage of developing software for quality assurance. The role of a software tester role is to ensure that the software the developers have created, is indeed fit for the intended purpose. Carrying out various tests to ensure prior to release that the software is functional and no bugs or issues that would affect neither the software’s ability nor the users experience are present.

Working on a project basis, as a software tester you may be hired for one or more occasions during the initial development stage, or towards the end of a project. Traditionally software testers work within an office setting and will usually have a degree in IT or computer science. But I’m going to show you how you can earn as a software tester without a degree and all from the comfort of your own home.

Presenting to you uTest!

 UTest is a free to sign up to community style website for software testers to get paid projects. UTest is one of the most exciting side hustles that I really enjoy doing. The projects you’ll be working on vary and so are the devices you can carry out tasks out, from computers and mobiles to even your TV and worn devices. Being a digital device wiz is not required in order to be able to earn either. The uTest website also houses articles, courses, tools and an active forum so you’re fully equipped with everything you need to know.

The website itself is easy to navigate and there’s even a whole section dedicated to getting started so you can start earning without delay. Developers frequently list various paid projects. The type of clientele that you will work with will vary in popularity and size. Due to this, you will become accustomed to signing a non-disclosure document prior to working with some of the big brands.

 How about the pay?

Consisting typically of error pages, spelling errors and commands not functioning. There also tends to be a basic pay as well as each issue paid individually. A facilitator within the project prior to payment then reviews this. This will also be based on the category that the bug or issue that you reported falls within. The job description will outline the different categories, but the more severe the issue the more pay for you. It’s no different from how you would agree to a job normally.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any money, make sure you don’t hesitate to submit your reports. Facilitators also check for duplicate reports already submitted by other testers. Once you’ve submitted a fault, no one else can report that particular fault. This can be frustrating if you’ve finally found a bug, only to find someone else has beaten you to it. I love that unlike working in an office, you know that no one else is claiming your hard work. There’s also a competitive and prideful aspect, it feels great knowing YOU beat someone else to it. The best thing about uTest is although the price range differs between projects; projects still typically pay more than even the best survey sites, allowing you to earn well on a monthly basis.

Final words?

So there you have it, being a software tester through uTest allows you to earn a good monthly income.  There’s so much variety boredom is never an issue and you don’t have to step foot outside your home. Big win all round.

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