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Moving house can be one of the most stressful parts of life. Whether it’s your first time moving house or the tenth. It is important to know what you are up against during the process. 

There are a lot of costs involved in moving house. So it is important to get to grips with them and be aware of them. That’s why today we want to talk you through some of the costs of moving house that you need to prepare for. Whether it’s the mortgage itself or your furnishings. Making sure you have ample savings is important. As there some of the things you’ll need to pay for.

Broker fees 

If you want help finding the best lender for your mortgage, you will need to consider a mortgage broker. A broker is a middle man who will look for lenders on your behalf. As well as recommend the best deal for you. They will do all of the hard work for you in finding a lender. They will also explain your options to you in a concise and simple way. Brokers are not free of course. But they can be a valuable asset if you need some advice for your purchase. 

The mortgage 

The mortgage itself is a cost that you’ll pay for a period of between 15-30 years on average. It is imperative before you apply for a mortgage that you calculate your income. Whilst also ensuring you have the money to comfortably cover the cost of your mortgage each month. On top of this you’ll have to buy food, pay bills, and enjoy your lifestyle. If you cannot afford this comfortably you might need to consider a smaller house. Or even think about waiting for a while until you are a little more viable financially. 

Home insurance 

Home insurance is a cost that is crucial for homeowners and it is a legal requirement in most places. You’ll insure your home for damages as well as contents in the event of a break in. This is a security blanket for both you and your lender. Ensure that you know how much this will cost each month and be ready for this payout. 

Land tax 

Land tax is something that is paid if the plot of land your house is built on is owned by a third party. It is often a very small charge but it is important to be aware of this. Before you move to avoid nasty surprises. 


When you plan to move house you should write a list of everything you need to buy in order to furnish it. As well as come up with a budget for these purchases. Things such as appliances, a bed, a tv or a sofa. As well as all of the essentials should be accounted for in your budget for the home. 

Ensure that you are aware of all of these charges and get ready to move into your new home this year. Once you are happy with your budget your moving process will be simple and stress free!