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Purchasing a vehicle will always be a big expenditure, and you’ll always want to cut costs where possible. It’s not as if you can go without a car for very long. Not considering how much easier it makes your life.

There are several ways to hit your target. From shopping around for the best deals to opting for a used motor. While these are useful tips, they are almost cliches, which is problematic because it hands the leverage to the dealership.

Plus, they don’t offer the security you need to protect your investment. The following, however, do, so please continue reading to learn more about money-saving car-buying secrets.

Don’t Negotiate At The Dealership

Once you step foot in the dealership. The terms of the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 no longer apply as it won’t be a distance sale. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 does, yet it’s always wiser to have as many laws on your side as possible. Thankfully, buying a car from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Due to the introduction of click & collect services. You can do everything via email – Docusign is great for contracts. You can also have the vehicle delivered to your front door. With the right to cancel within 14 days if necessary.

Test Drive It

If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing a car without seeing it in the flesh. An excellent way to save money is to test drive it before signing on the dotted line. A test drive not only gives you a better understanding of the features. But also how it will add value to your life. Is the suspension comfortable? Is there enough space? You can figure these things out behind the wheel. And, with reserve functions that reimburse your deposit should you not be happy, you won’t lose much. You usually have to raise a dispute within 48 to avoid losing a deposit.

Trade-In Your Old Car Privately

The more you think about trading in a car with a dealership, the less sense it makes. After all, dealers don’t hide the fact they need to make a profit from the purchase. As a result, the offer will be low to ensure they can mark it up when they sell it again. This isn’t your problem, yet the industry is designed to make out as if it is. But, don’t worry because you can sell your vehicle privately and regain a significant 15% more with a private buyer.

Forget About An Investment

Investments are lucrative ways to build emergency cash pots and put a buffer between you and your bank balance. However, this applies to legitimate assets, such as stocks and bonds. Vehicles don’t fall into this category as they depreciate very quickly. With this in mind, it’s wiser to view the purchase as an essential item. Rather than something that will recoup a high ROI. By doing this, you’ll be less likely to pay over the odds for a car you don’t need and settle on a perfect vehicle for your needs.

Hopefully, these secrets will ensure your next car deal leaves money in your pocket!