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Cars are basically essential in the 21st Century. For most people, a car is essential to their working life; whether you’re a delivery driver, a removal company or you simply travel to and from the office in your car. You’ll know how important a safe, reliable vehicle is. In the USA alone, 247 million vehicles are registered! Whatever you drive, you’ll know that the combination of insurance, maintenance, gas prices. And the initial cost of buying a car makes a pretty huge payout when you add them together. When your car gets older, its maintenance increases and the bills go even higher. 

So what can be done to bring those bills down? All vehicles are expensive, and that’s just the end of it. Right? Actually, although vehicles will always be somewhat costly, there are ways to bring down your high car bills. 

The Black Box

Many vehicles come with this ‘black box’ already installed, but if you don’t know what these things are. Prepare for a life-changing addition to your car! The black box is a device which is installed in your car and records the data of your driving while you drive. What does this mean? Well, the black box records your driving skills. For example, how well you’re adhering to speed limits or how fast you’re taking corners. This means that if you drive safely and within the law. Your black box records this and can be used to lower your insurance premiums. Safe driving has turned into your new moneymaker!

Consider Your Needs

When you buy a vehicle, it’s important to consider what your needs actually are. So many buyers make the mistake of following their eyes instead of their head. What this means is that it’s very common for buyers to purchase a vehicle which looks cool. Or seems to fit the bill, when in reality this vehicle isn’t your perfect fit. Not only this, but the vehicle you need often turns out to be a cheaper purchase. Than the one you set your heart on. 

For young drivers especially, a safe, reliable, small car is best suited. A model such as Vauxhall Corsa. With a small engine and reliable quality, is perfect for a young driver who doesn’t need a large car. 

Regular Maintenance Instead of Emergency Patch-Jobs

Having a mechanic give your car a ‘once-over’ every once in a while. Even though it appears nothing is wrong, might seem like more money than it’s worth. But contrary to popular opinion, applying regular maintenance to your vehicle actually saves you money. But how?

Well, think of it like visiting a doctor’s office. If you ignore your small aches and pains and only see a doctor when you’re in excruciating pain. You might have caught a problem far too late. Instead, seeing a doctor on a semi-regular basis means that if you do have any health problems. You can take care of them early. The same applies to your car. Major problems cost serious money; caught early, they will be far cheaper to deal with.