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A career isn’t always as rewarding and motivating as people make out. Sometimes, it leaves you drained, physically, emotionally, and financially. The former you can get over, but the latter is pretty scary. You have to cover the gaps if you want to live a comfortable lifestyle.

There are tonnes of career avenues to turn to when you plan on boosting your earning power, whether it’s a high-paying job in IT or a data analyst. However, there is one path staring you in the face – a car-eer.

Today, you can make a considerable sum from your vehicle with the options below. Better yet, you get to be in charge!

Taxi Driver

Becoming a taxi driver is a little played out, but it’s still an excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking to earn extra cash on the side. Thanks to the likes of Uber, it’s never been easier to start ferrying people around for money. Sure, you won’t have “the knowledge”, and you’ll have to put up with drunk and rude people, yet the majority of passengers are respectful. What most people love is the freedom aspect. You can pick and choose your hours based on your lifestyle, allowing you to have a fantastic balance between your job and your life.

Driving Instructor

Setting up a driving school isn’t as straightforward because you’ll need to pass a few exams. For instance, tutors in the UK need a trainer to teach them practical and theoretical concepts. Then, you can take your theory and practical test (ADI 1 & 2). Finally, you must have experience teaching others before you can complete part 3 of the ADI instructional ability exam. Still, even after all the hard work, you can cruise around in your car chatting and having a grand time. The average wage is around £2,000 a month, so it’s not a bad option.

Flipping Cars

You should never underestimate the money involved in flipping cars. As long as you choose the right vehicles, there’s a lot of money to be made. A smart place to start is with recognisable models that motorists enjoy. VW used cars are among some of the most popular second-hand motors in the world because of what the brand name represents. Also, it’s wise to buy from an approved seller as it gives you more options if the vehicle isn’t up to scratch. With so many direct buyers, as well as private sales, you could easily make a fortune!


Sometimes, boosting your earning potential is as simple as changing your vehicle’s exterior. A little bit of visual merchandising goes a long way if you have brands that are willing to pay for the attention. Car wraps are more ubiquitous than ever due to the fact that companies do want more exposure, and they’re happy to employ people to drive around. Pretty much everyone has seen a “Red Bull” Mini in their area. You could be that person!

Making money doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting behind the wheel of your car.