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There is nothing as nerve-wracking as watching your child grow older. Seeing how they develop an entire life of their own. One that doesn’t really include you as their parent much anymore. The truth is that it’s supposed to be this way; they are supposed to develop a network of people. As well as interests and memories that are not dependent on you. But still, you worry if they are making the right choices when not at home. This is a common feeling to have. Which makes you start to wonder if you’ve done enough to drill into them all the values they need. In order to make the right decision when push comes to shove.

The reality is that your child will make mistakes; it is actually of utmost importance for them to make mistakes because they need to learn crucial life lessons that will equip them to deal with life when they leave the nest one day. But you, as their parent, can still do your part in ensuring they stay safe while out in the world, even if it’s just for your own sanity. That said, here a few tips on how to ensure your child’s safety while they’re not at home.

Track their Uber ride

One great thing about the modern age we live in is that there now exists sophisticated services to get individuals from point A to point B with just the simple click of a button. Uber has given countless people the chance to get home after a night out or even after being left alone somewhere – the need to hitchhike with random strangers is no longer viable, and you can now utilize the service of a multi-million dollar company in order to stay safe while traveling.

For parents, Uber has also made them sleep a little better at night. Knowing that children don’t have to carpool together after drinking but can instead use a third party to get them home safely. Uber has a feature that allows you to share your ride with any of your contacts. Enabling the contact to track your live location while you are riding with Uber. Making it a rule in the house that your child needs to share the ride with your phone before they can get in the uber will ensure you can track their whereabouts while on the road.

Track their phone

There have been a lot of mixed feelings from parents and children. Over the idea of tracking a child’s phone with your own. But at the end of the day, it remains your choice entirely. Some parents choose to track their children’s phones in order to keep an eye on whether they stay safe. Whilst some children prefer it that way as well and feel more secure knowing their parents know where they are at all times. So that they can lend a hand whenever things go wrong. If you would like to follow this route, many apps can give you the ability to track an iPhone from Android.

At the end of the day, the only thing you care about is your child’s safety. Whatever you need to do to feel more at ease about their safety and know that they’re okay. You should do it because ultimately, knowing cares more about your child than you do.