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While it can often be that self-pity and exasperation are difficult to swallow, particularly when we see others doing it, it’s true that we all deserve to complain a little about this year. That being said, there’s no reason why 2020 should end as it had begun, and if you wish to, getting through a difficult winter can be more than possible provided you plan things well.

Of course, ‘getting through’ is not nearly enough. It’s important to feel community, to feel connected to those around you, to focus on what really matters, and to ensure you can stay grateful for anything that comes your way. Getting through a difficult winter, then, is all about mindset and preparation

But what kind of preparation might this entail? It can sometimes feel tiring to think you have to bring together a deep survival plan just to live well through a season. That being said, a careful disciplinary approach and the willingness to make the best of things can work wonders no matter what hardships you are faced with. You’ll likely agree with that, given you consider the following advice:

Get Your Financial House In Order

Getting your financial house in order can be an important place to get started. Some might apply here for help, while others may enter a strict budget through apps like You Need A Budget etc. You may also decide to use measures that help you save money, such as apps that help you round off each purchase you make by the dollar or pound, helping you grow a pool of money that you might not have otherwise saved. Making little financial additions can have a huge impact going forward, it might be money that you need most for the winter.

Fight Seasonal Ennui

Seasonal ennui can often take the best-laid plans and make them hard to properly deal with. It’s best to avoid this outcome, by taking small steps to keep it at bay. For instance, going over your accounts after a walk each morning can help you apply a fresh perspective and make plans for the future. Spending a little time each evening checking out the best deals using apps like Honey can help you complete your Christmas spending with care. Little tips like this can have a huge impact, and may ease you into this process more comfortably.

Give Yourself Space & Time

Give yourself some space and time over the winter period. While times can be tight, and 2020 has been an incredibly tough year for many, try not to rob yourself of the smaller pleasures. A simple, cheap coffee from a local cafe, purchasing a treat for yourself from time to time, paying for part of a nice Christmas meal on your credit card you have a few months to pay back, giving yourself a little space and understanding can help you cap off this year in a positive direction.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily get through a difficult 2020 winter.