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Many different groups have been finding it difficult to lockdown and perhaps no more so than students. For the first time, many people are living away from their parents and they are finding it tough to do the normal things they do. Saving money while in lockdown is the number one priority. Why? Well, many students work retail jobs and since the stores are closed, for the time being, that channel of income has dried up. So what can students do to save money while not having many income options?

Find better accommodation 

Students should think twice about their accommodation as many universities will still be charging for rent while not necessarily allowing you to leave campus. This is because many governments have the policy to not allow people to come and go, in high-density zones. That’s why you should seek to find out more information on student accommodation that is available in London and elsewhere. The rooms are just as good if not better than the majority of campuses. Some are in the heart of the city, providing better options for shopping and transport. If you have the option to move, maybe you should consider it?

Start cooking

Now is probably the best time for you to pick up the craft of gastronomy. Learn how to cook! You cannot keep buying takeaways and you cannot rely on roommates to cook for you. Everyone is stressed and money is tight, teaching yourself to make one dish a week or more is a great way to become independent and save money. The best thing to do is to Google a recipe that you think you’d like and then try to buy the ingredients next time you shop. Chances are you will save close to a hundred pounds a week or perhaps more. 

Cherish the outdoors

Rather than doing any sporting activities that could cost you money, it’s best if you decide to go for the cheap and cheerful activities. The key is to find something about the outdoors you love. Maybe it’s fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, or bushcraft. All of these things are far cheaper than going to a sports game or paying membership for a sports club every month. These things are usually free, as camping and hiking is open to everyone. You might need to buy a little bit of equipment but you should first try your parents or friends.

Save on heating

Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here. It’s time to save as much as you can on heating. Placing towels on windowsills and the area rugs on floors, can help to push the heat back into a room and stop you from spending too much on heating. Putting draught strips on windows can also save you a lot of money as the hot air doesn’t escape outside from tiny cracks that you can’t see.

It’s a great time to start saving as a student. Now more than ever your money needs to be stretched as far as possible. Try implementing some or all of these tips and make a note of how much you saved in one month.