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When looking at how you can increase your income, many people head straight to their computer and forget one of the assets they have sitting right next to their house. Your vehicle can be an incredible source of income, and for many, it can be the primary income source too. 

You are already paying out a lot of cash on your car; isn’t it time that you got to see some return on that investment? 
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There are many options when it comes to delivering items to people. Using your excellent knowledge of your area, and maybe a SatNav device, you can make food deliveries or item deliveries. You can pick up quick jobs from sites like Shiply and bid for jobs in the area. 

You can also opt for food deliveries. UBER EATS, or working with your local food take-out place can also be a source of delivery income. 

Alternative options or additional options include Amazon Flex, DPD, or Yodel. 


Taking people from A to B can be a great way to make some extra income. You might need to register with your local area for a license to operate a taxi. It is for the best if you ensure that you have all of the relevant insurances too. 

UBER and Lyft are two of the most prominent taxi service options, but your local taxi rank might have the monopoly. So opt for the one that gets the amount of work that suits your needs. 

Taxi driving is a great option to make extra income around another job too. Usually with plenty of evening and early morning work. 

Mobile advertisements

There are advertisers who will gladly pay for you to have their advertisements on your car or van. Their pay rates will vary depending on how far you drive, the client who pays for the ad, and how far you drive. 

You are most likely to have bingo, large food establishments, and pet insurance. You are also likely to be in a contract for several months. 

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Run Errands

Running errands in your local area is not only a great use of time, but it can bring in some extra income too. Charge a small premium on top of the groceries’ cost, or per mile, which can be a great additional earn. Just remember that when working with vulnerable people or the elderly, it’s essential to be transparent and, in some cases, have background checks. 

Using your vehicle to make extra income is a great idea, and you can work around family and other work commitments. Since we are already paying for our cars’ upkeep, using it to earn some money just makes sense. A return on an investment you already make!