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Have you dreamed of living the digital nomad dream? Or perhaps you are fed up with your daily commute. Or being tied to your employer for set hours a day over set days a week. There is another way, it will not be easy and, like anything, it will take hard work. But it is possible to throw caution to the wind, pack up your life as you know it and make money from anywhere in the world. This article will give you some inspiration on ways in which you could make money from anywhere. So if you dream of living in another country but don’t know how to financially support yourself to do it. Get yourself an immigration lawyer and read on. 

Social Media Manager

The key things you need for becoming a social media manager is an internet connection, a smartphone. As well as potentially a laptop. If you have these, a knack for social media, and plenty of time. Then working as a social media manager can provide you with an income from anywhere in the world. If you don’t have work or academic experience in communications, journalism or marketing. Then invest in a reputable course to get you to grips with some of the key skills you need. You could even start by running and developing your own channels to get experience and evidence for your skills. Social media is only going to become more prevalent for businesses and the demand for social media managers will grow exponentially. So it certainly is an option with possibilities. 

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual assistants are in demand more than ever. As the world has adjusted to working remotely in the wake of the global pandemic. Virtual assistants can work from anywhere in the world, time zones depending. Once again all you need is a laptop, wifi and potentially a phone line. VA tasks vary widely but usually include administration tasks, arranging meetings, booking travel and research. 

Teach English as a second language 

If you are able to, teaching English online can offer location independence, a flexible schedule and a secure income. Teaching English online has been growing continuously in recent years. But the demand has never been higher as a result of there being so many restrictions on international travel. You may need to undertake a professional course to ensure you are a desirable candidate. But once you have the opportunities to teach will be vast. International students often prefer to be taught a language by a native speaker and are used to learning online. If you can navigate the time differences teaching English online provides. You with a great opportunity to work remotely, from anywhere.

Create online course

If you have a particular skill set in anything, be it finance, fitness or IT and web-based skills, creating an online course can be an excellent way of earning a passive income, from anywhere. You will be required to create the entire course content. As well as devise a syllabus and potentially set assignments and or video tutorials. It will require a lot of upfront work and knowledge in your chosen area. But once you have done all of the hard work and your courses are available for purchase you can, hopefully, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour from wherever you choose.