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If you’re going to invest all time, energy and money into growing a business. Whether it’s a full-time venture or a side-project, then it’s important that you’re generating as much money as possible. Many company owners feel like they’re doing all the right things to push their business forward. But in fact, they’re not. This isn’t through lack of effort or anything like that; it’s all about their productivity, or lack of. In this blog, we’ll look at how you can improve your productivity. Which will ultimately nudge your profits in the right direction. 

Use Your Time Wisely

This is important for all business owners. But especially important for people with a side-business that they run on top of their regular work. When you’ve got so much on your plate. It’ll be extra important to carve out time to work on your business. Now, this doesn’t mean working all hours of the day that you can. It’s about going into your work with focus and concentration. If you’re there to work, then you’re there to work. You should also set time aside for friends, relaxing, and so forth. It’s all about time management, essentially.

Outsource Tasks

If you’re a small company, then it’s likely that you’re in charge of many different tasks. All of them will be important and must be taken care of. But they won’t all be the best use of your time. Instead of handling the time-consuming or complicated tasks yourself, look at outsourcing them to a third-party company. There are companies that can provide accounting services, social media management, IT support, and just about everything else. If you’re spending too much of your time on these tasks, then hand the responsibility to another company. It’ll ensure you can spend your time on the jobs that’ll push your business forward.

Find Your Optimal Working Hours

It’s also important to not just see how you’re working, but when you’re working. Everyone has a time during the day when they work better than other times. Yours could be in the morning or evening. It’s at these times when you should try to work on your business. We’ve been told that the optimal working hours are between nine in the morning and five in the afternoon, but this isn’t true for everyone. If you work better at a different time, then use those times. 

Find Your Flaws

Finally, dig deep into your flaws. This is a good idea for any number of issues, not just your productivity flaws. By taking a moment to see how you might be losing some time throughout the day. You’ll be wrestling some control. This could be an action (spending too much time on social media). Or it could be a trigger (feeling overwhelmed by a task and procrastinating). You’ll never be able to reach 100% productivity, because no-one can. But you’ll be able to swing it back in your favour. Just by being a little more mindful of where you might be losing some time.