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Starting your career as an IT technician can be a fantastic way of moving into the IT industry. Whether it is a career change or a freshly trained graduate, IT tech jobs are always high in demand. Indeed, an IT technician is responsible for performing tech diagnosis and solving issues related to software and hardware infrastructure. The role is best suited to individuals who already enjoy working with computer systems. It can be helpful to be knowledgeable about the latest software tools and computer updates. As these are likely to cause many issues. 

Unfortunately, IT technician tends to be an entry position that pays approximately £16,000 as a new starter. As an experienced tech, you can expect to earn between £35,000 and £38,000 per year. But, you can also boost your earning by focusing on a nice market to sell your specific skills for companies.

Addressing physical data centre problems

Data server centres are familiar with the potential environmental factors that could trigger issues. However, smaller businesses that have only started hosting their own server could face unexpected shutdown issues. If they don’t implement data centre environmental monitoring solutions. What does environmental monitoring mean? In essence, data servers could be affected by digital hacking. But they can also react to external factors such as temperature and moisture levels. As an IT technician, you can offer a data centre check service for new in-house hosting facilities. This will prevent the loss or corruption of data due to inadequate environmental conditions. 

Assessing environmental risks for IT networks

Similar to data centres, office technology and infrastructure can also be affected by high temperature, lack of ventilation and moisture. Laptops are especially vulnerable to overheating. Many companies don’t know how to prevent overheating issues with their devices and can spend a fortune frequently updating devices. Laptops are equipped with a ventilation system. More often than not, users can block the fan when they accidentally prevent air circulation. Additionally, dust, pet hair, and other fine particles can accumulate on the fan, preventing cooling. As an IT technician, you can provide workshop training. To explain to teams how to maintain and clean their laptop ventilation system. 

Specialist support for niche software tools

The typical business uses over 20 different software solutions to maintain day-to-day operations. Some software tools are cloud-based. However, specialist industry sectors often rely on a locally installed solution. Local software can be old-dated and affect productivity. Small businesses can often run an old version of a discounted software solution. As they haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement. This can lead to delays, computer problems, and frustration. As an IT technician, you may not be able to provide software support for their tool. But you can help them understand which infrastructure would be best suited to maintain their current solution. You can also help maintain older devices so the company can carry on using their favourite tool without compatibility issues. 

As a freelance IT technician, you can build a stream of loyal clients with targeted niche services. Small businesses can be an amazing source of work. As many companies struggle to find support for their unique hardware problems. Cybersecurity and modern software tools typically receive plenty of expert troubleshooting services. However, DIY hardware solutions and older devices tend to be ignored by tech professionals. It could be a fantastic opportunity to launch your services.