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Many teens have the drive and motivation that’s required to begin their own small business. But simply do not know where to start their profit-making journey. Helping your teen by directing them on the right path is essential. It needn’t be as difficult as you might think to uncover a variety of different ideas they can pursue today. If you would like to find out more, then simply read on to discover 3 easy business ideas that teens can explore today! 

Dog Walking 

A brilliant idea that animal loving teens can pursue to make a little cash is dog walking. There are so many people that work full time. Or simply don’t have the time to take care of their pups. They are also willing to pay good money for trustworthy people to take them for daily walks. Dog walking isn’t a difficult business to set up, as you can visit a site like Dog Friendly Co. To purchase harnesses, collars and leashes, and stock up on treats and poo bags too. Encourage your teen to make leaflets or business cards that they can post through local letterboxes. With their contact details to make sure nearby dog owners know about their services. You can walk a couple of dogs each time to make more money, and it’s great exercise too!

Car Washing 

Car washing is a great business idea for a teenager to pursue. As you barely need any equipment to get started. A bucket, sponge and good quality car shampoo is all that’s required to start your own car washing business, and it’s super easy to find clientele. Again, leaflets and business cards can be of benefit here, but word of mouth is a brilliant marketing tool too. Almost every adult has a car, so you’re bound to know lots of different people. That will pay a few dollars to get their cars cleaned. It will take no longer than an hour to complete each car, so it’s a quick and easy task.

Assisting The Elderly

A super rewarding job that can teach your teen a variety of important lessons. Is a kind of handyman role in which they help the elderly. Most elderly people live alone and need assistance with many different task. Such as mowing their lawn or maintaining their backyard, cooking or cleaning, getting food from the grocery store and other easy things. Lacking mobility can hold you back in every way, so being there to do whatever they can’t complete will relieve a whole load of pressure. Spending some time with an elderly person can also be extremely beneficial for their mental health, as they might not get to socialize very often.

Pursuing one of these simple business ideas could be a great way for any teen to make a little cash. Whilst learning some important lessons, too! There’s no time like the present to channel excess motivation and dedication into something profitable. So what are you waiting for?