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One of the best feelings of independence you can get as an adult. Is getting your own car and starting to drive wherever you need to go. Not having to rely on friends and family or public transport anymore is always great. Once you get out on the road you’ll never want to be back on a bus or train again. 

Becoming a new driver is a wonderful thing and it can be a sign of independence and freedom. But there are also things you need to consider as a new driver that are not so fun. 

Here are some of the important things to think about as a new driver. 

High insurance costs 

The first time you apply for insurance as a driver, you might be shocked at how much it costs. It is a simple fact that driving can be expensive. Often the cost of your insurance surpasses even your car itself. Don’t worry though, because it won’t take long for your insurance price to drop down in price. As you go each year with your no claims bonus. The longer you drive, the cheaper your insurance will be! 

Bad drivers 

There are never 100% good drivers on the road. But you will quickly come to realise that once people have the freedom to be on the road, they will break the rules. Be aware of everyone around you when driving. Never trust drivers to make the right decisions on the road by default. It is a sad fact that often drivers will try to get away with whatever they can. They don’t necessarily care about who they inconvenience along the way. 


Following on from the last point, as a new driver you might think that you are more likely to cause an accident, but actually usually newer drivers are more cautious and will take more care on the roads. It is a good idea for you to have a car accident lawyer on call and then if something does happen, you are covered. 

Car parking costs 

One of the biggest payouts you’ll have to face as a driver is car parking costs. Car parking in the city especially is incredibly expensive and if you get a car for your daily commute you should be aware of the costs and plan out where you will park. There are many car parking tickets available that can be paid yearly and this might be the best way for you to save money when parking in the city. 


Fuel costs are going up every year, and before you commit to buying a car it is a good idea to know how much it would cost to fill your tank and how often you will need to do it. This will allow you to budget for the year and this will give you the opportunity to drive freely as well as stay to your financial targets. 

When driving for the first year, take the time to consider these things and prepare.