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Black Friday 2020: How To Get The Best Deals

Black Friday 2020! Black Friday 2020 is happening on the 27th November 2020. Meaning it’s only a day away! Black Friday can be a double-edged sword. On one hand it can help you save tonne of money. Especially with Christmas coming soon. But on the other hand without a plan it can result in reckless and unnecessary spending. The good thing is though; it is very possible to enjoy the benefits of Black Friday. Without the negative aspect. The answer simply lays in preplanning what you would like to find. Or sticking to a strict budget. So that’s the first point that I want to make. Making sure that you’re shopping responsibly, especially in the face of so much temptation. So here’s your guide to get the best deals this Black Friday 2020.

Narrow your search down

Due to the on-going lockdown and non-essential shops currently being closed. This is the first Black Friday of its kind where shops are reliant on online shopping driving their sales. Making it easy for you, as you know the best deals will be online. No more going into the shops early in hopes of beating the traffic. Only to discover what you wanted has been sold out. Whilst items being sold out will still be happening. It’s definitely much more comfortable to find out from the comfort of your home. Than to have a wasted shopping trip. So now that we’ve established where brands will be placing their best deals. That being online, we can now focus on how to narrow this down further.

It’s the best time to get your electronics

As we know Black Friday is the best time to purchase electrical items. Many people actually wait until this time of year to buy their electrical items for this reason. These are the items that I like to focus on during Black Friday. When you’re shopping for the best deals make sure to check out companies that house multiple electrical brands. As well as brands personal websites. So if you’re interested in a Tefal product, check both Tefal’s website and department stores offering the product for the best price.

Check brands social media presence

If you’re after sales for particular brands. The best way to see what you’ll be able to get your hands on is by seeing what they’re advertising online ahead of Black Friday. Ahead of the day they’ll be trying to drum up as much business as possible. Especially as now they’re competing even more than usual against other brand’s online retail.

Check social media influencers for discount codes

If there are any influencers that you know often work with a particular brand. Check out their social media to see if they have posted offers for that brand. Influencers are often given a personalised discount code for their consumers to use when hired by brands to advertise for them. If you’re not sure where to start to find influencers they have worked with. Type the brand name into YouTube and see what videos come up. These videos may appear as review videos and not an obvious advert. This is because brands will often send YouTube influencers’ items to review to their consumers, with a discount code included that way. These adverts may also appear listed as try-on hauls. Don’t just stick to YouTube, as influencers advertise on all social media platforms. Especially advertising through Instagram.

Amazon extended Black Friday 2020 sale

Amazon is always my go to website to check for Black Friday deals. Especially because I have the Amazon app downloaded onto my phone. With notifications set up, I regularly receive regular updates on the best sales going. So I highly recommend downloading the app onto your phone. Besides the app, the best thing about Amazon for Black Friday is not only do they house such a broad range of items and brands for sale. Amazon’s Black Friday 2020 sale is extended. Amazon’s Black Friday sale has already started and will be finishing on the 30th November 2020.

Download a coupon Google Chrome extension.

Use a discount coupon Google Chrome extension such as Honey. I absolutely love this extension as it allows me to check that I’m definitely getting the best deal. Also saving me time from having to manually search for discount codes. I adore the ease this allows me to have with saving money. By automatically searching and applying discount codes for me. It also tells you which discounts are currently trending as well. They also have a reward program, where you can earn gift cards if you redeem enough points. So I highly recommend it.

Don’t forget to get cashback!

What’s better than finding your ideal items on sale during Black Friday? Being able to save money even further by using a cashback website such as Quidco to place your order. Shopping online is the preferred method of shopping for so many people. Yet only a few take advantage of being able to get money back on their purchases through using cashback websites. Don’t make this mistake!

So there you have it!

I hope this guide proves fruitful for you. Allowing you to get the best for your money. Whether it’s on buying for Christmas or home renovations. There’s plenty of savings to be made. As long as you pre-empt what you would like from the sales and take advantage of Black Friday 2020. Whilst avoiding Black Friday 2020 taking advantage of you. Through using this guide that I’ve created for you to enjoy one of the biggest sales of the year. You can look forward to getting what you want and want you need ahead of Christmas.

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