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How to save money on your bills

Bills! We all know bills are expensive. The majority of us start on the journey of side hustles to free ourselves from these ever increasing pesky things that often seem to pop up out of nowhere. But as we increase our side hustles, it only makes sense for us to look into ways to decrease our repetitive outgoings. By working on our bills, it not only allows us to have more money in the bank, but also more financial independence. This is definitely in the right path of working smarter not harder.

So how can we save money on our bills?

Look After My Bills is a fantastic company that featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den that will do exactly as it says. I know you must be thinking ok but there’s loads of comparison websites that promise to do exactly the same. Whilst there are comparison websites that allow you to compare the price of your tariffs. Those are often initially time consuming and have to be done each time you’re considering changing your gas or electricity bill. This is the complete opposite of Look After My Bills. Which unlike a comparison website, auto-switches you from overpriced tariffs and all for free. Look After My Bills will do the comparing for you. Giving you the comfort of knowing you’re getting the best deal for your money.

But what if i’m already in a tariff?

That’s completely fine as with Look After My Bills you can sign up whilst still with your current energy providers. With only one short form to fill in when you sign up. You’re already saving time than completing endless forms with various comparison websites and manually switching yourself.

So what happens once a deal has been found?

Once a deal has been found you’ll be notified with all the details of the better deal and provider ahead of time and switched. You don’t have to do anything. After each new deal has ended Look After My Bills will switch you again. Each deal has a 14 day cooling off period. You can also easily opt out of Look After My Bills at any time. The power is always yours.

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