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Makeup Courses: How To Save Money On Studying

Makeup courses are all the rage, however they can be pretty expensive. Whether it’s for a career change or to develop as a side business. Many are investing in learning different areas of the creative industry as a means of income. Maybe makeup is a hobby or the idea of studying makeup has been a long-term goal for you. Regardless of what your reasons to study are. The first thing you want to make sure is that you’re not spending more than you should. I’ve done the research for you to make sure you’re saving hundreds on studying a makeup course. Without compromising on the quality of a recognised course.

So makeup courses… how much?

Whether you’re still in your teens and on a free college beauty course. Or you’re already an experienced makeup artist, you’re likely to take up private courses to further develop your skills and keep up with current trends. For such courses and private tuition you will often have to pay at least £1,000.

The Centre of Excellence’s Make-Up Artist Diploma course costs £147 in full. There is an instalment option; this consists of a deposit of £9.99 and 6 instalments of £22.83. The final payment is £22.86. Whilst this is still cheaper than the average makeup course, I know that even with the instalment plan not everyone can afford to pay £147. So I have an even better option for you. Apply the code (AZ426) to your cart to get 80% off. This brings the cost down to an amazing £44.10! For £44.10 this makes the course a perfect and affordable gift for anyone planning to treat a budding makeup artist. This code was checked and found to be active on the 10th February 2020. However, if this is no longer available during your time of purchase simply search (centre of excellence discount code UK) to find another code.

So what are the benefits of studying with the Centre of Excellence?

Studying on the Centre of Excellence’s Make-Up Artist Diploma course hosts a range of benefits over studying in a more traditional manner. The course consists of 8 modules with 6 videos. The certified and accredited course is an online course, with tutor support. This allows you to have the support of a qualified tutor, without having to adjust your work schedule to undertake the course. Overall, the course consists of 150 study hours. However, the best thing about studying on the course is that there is no time limit for completing the course. There are also no entry requirements for the course, making it open for everyone.

What about supplies, won’t those still be expensive?

Of course you will need supplies, which could be expensive but don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Whether it’s to build a makeup kit. Or even just to buy enough to get the essentials for your makeup course. E.L.F Cosmetics will be your best friend for affordable, yet quality beauty products. The E.L.F (eye, lip face) brand provides you with cruelty free, paraben free and 100% vegan products. Even if you decide doing a course isn’t for you, this is still a great place to look into for anyone who loves saving money. Without risking the quality of the products they buy being of a low standard.

So there you have you have it!

Makeup courses for a discounted price yet still from an accredited source. Allowing you to be able to explore a new career move without forking out a large financial investment. Leaving you to focus on your passion and not worrying how you’ll be able to come up with the large amount usually required studying a course. If you decide that studying makeup isn’t for you. There’s a wide range of courses that the Centre of Excellence has to offer. From one creative to another, I wish you all the best on your journey in the creative industry.

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