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PDSA Vets: How To Save Money On Pet Care

PDSA vets are currently the UK’s leading vet charity. Founded in 1917 by CBE awarded animal welfare pioneer, Maria Dickin. Consisting of 48 pet hospitals, each year PDSA provides treatment for millions of animals in need of veterinary care. Not only does PDSA vets promote responsible ownership. Offering low cost services to pet owners in need makes this possible. Making caring for your adorable fur balls affordable. For people who need a bit more help PDSA also provides free veterinary care for their vulnerable and sick pets.

Typically how much does pet insurance cost?

Now for all of us pet owners, we know how expensive pet insurance is. When considering getting a pet many are put off by the impending costs. With vet bills commonly being at the top of the list of pet ownership concerns. A survey carried out by Which? found that some of us are being charged as much £2,000 for dog and cat insurance premiums. That is absolutely crazy and totally unreasonable. Especially considering how many animals desperately need adopting. Which? also found through surveying over 1,300 of their members, that the average cost for annual lifetime policy for cats is £285 and £472 for dogs.

So what does PDSA vets have to offer?

PDSA Pet Insurance was developed with the expert opinion from their vets, teamed with insurance company experts Ultimate Insurance Solutions. PDSA’s Ultimate Plus policy gives you peace of mind by providing you lifetime cover, which includes £8,000 of vet’s fees. With lifetime policies you’re covered for treatment for both illness and injuries. Included with every policy is also access to a variety of helplines, including PDSA petanswer, the dedicated 24/7 advice helpline. PDSA may also be able to pay your vet directly. What’s exciting for you is all of PDSA’s pet insurance policies have a 0% APR, so you don’t pay any extra costs to pay your policy monthly. The monthly cost for an insurance policy with PDSA for a dog is from £4.72 per month, whilst to insure a cat is £3.36! No paying extortionate rates.

Are there any other ways to save money with PDSA?

One of the ways that PDSA are able to financially afford to continue to carry out their life-saving work is through providing high quality pet insurance. You can also indulge in the online shop on the PDSA website to get a range of affordable pet related essentials. With pet food being the biggest expense for any pet owner, being able to save money on pet food through PDSA is brilliant.

Here’s a list of areas that you can save money on by buying through PDSA

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So there you have it!

Through our help PDSA vets can continue helping millions of animals. Whilst helping ourselves to save money on our pet care. Most importantly we can ensure that our loveable furry friends are getting the best yet affordable health care.

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