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pole dancing classes: how to save on exercising

Pole dancing classes are very much on trend for a fun full body workout. Popular within celebrity circles, celebrity pole devotees include Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence. Pole dancing is no longer associated with just exotic dancers and nightclubs. People from all walks of life are getting involved with pole fitness. However as with most specialist classes these can work out to be pretty pricey. So in this blog post I’ll be telling you how you can cut costs on your pole dancing classes.

What’s the attraction with pole dancing classes?

Not only is pole dancing a great way to make exercising fun. But also a great way to meet new people and make friends. It can be daunting going to the gym and not knowing anyone there. Many people are put off attending the gym in hopes of not wanting to look silly. But with pole dancing classes you’ll be learning alongside people starting on their pole journey just like you. Everyone will be feeling apprehensive about doing something new and unknown. If you’re more advanced, you’ll still be benefiting from being around people that you can relate to.

What are the health benefits?

The health benefits that come with pole dancing are vast. Pole dancing allows you to simultaneously improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. Whilst being a full body workout. Pole dancing particularly works on your upper body, thighs and core. Being a moderate to intense form of exercise, pole dancing is also an effective cardiovascular workout. By carrying out a full body workout such as pole dancing, your blood will flow to all your muscles. Whilst strengthening our muscles, pole dancing also strengthens the joints and connective tissue. Without applying as much stress on the joints as running does. Pole dancing is also a great way to burn calories and lose weight. By incorporating pole dancing into your regular schedule, you’ll benefit from sustainable weight loss over a long-term period. Other health benefits from pole dancing include; improved sleeping pattern and relief of stress and anxiety.

Where can I start classes?

Dance and fitness company, Pole People has rightfully received a range of positive media coverage. Recommended by Vogue, Marie Claire and BBC. Pole People provide pole dancing classes for people regardless of their gender size or level of pole ability. Pole People also cater to providing customers with variations of pole styles. Whether you’re seeking somewhere to practice solely the acrobatic pole tricks aspect. Or a class that focuses on learning a more choreographed dance style of pole fitness. Your needs are covered by Pole People. With Pole People you can sign up for their pole classes, workshops or courses. Maybe you’ll want to sign up to a mix! Whichever option tickles your fancy. All the pole instructors are fully qualified in Dance and Fitness so you’ll be in safe hands.

So how can I save money on my classes?

So you’re wondering how can you save money on your classes. This is why I recommend Pole People. The classes can be booked individually for an average of £16 or block booked. Pole People often have offers such as lunchtime or morning offers on these block book sessions. A class that may usually cost you £140 will then cost you £115! Pole People offer a broad variety of class days and times so you can easily find a class that works with your current schedule. Taster classes are available so you can see if pole fitness is even for you before spending on block classes.

Pole People also have gift vouchers, so if you have a special occasion coming up you could request family and friends invest in these for your special day.  Pole People also have instructional DVD’s, which you can purchase if you already have access to a pole. Both DVD’s, which are aimed at different skill levels starting from beginner, are £7.99 each or £12.99 for both together.

There you have it!

Pole dancing classes has a host of health benefits. It’s allows you to meet new people and make friends. Some of these people are people that you may not have crossed paths with otherwise. I love that people are also using non-traditional methods of exercise to boost their physical and in turn their mental health. Many people started off with classes and invested in a pole for their home. Or turned their pole interest into a business by teaching the skill. Nothing beats turning something you enjoy doing into an income source. Because you enjoy it, it won’t feel like work. Which is the dream for many.

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