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Hi everyone and welcome to my rich on a budget series.

In this series I’ll be telling you how you can get various luxury items without the usual expensive price tag. As a qualified freelance Fashion Stylist, I can’t wait to share my tips to still be able to live a nice lifestyle, whilst on a budget, simply by shopping smarter.

Lets get started!

I wanted to kick start the first chapter to the series with a designer handbags edition. As a self-confessed handbag lover, I absolutely love buying handbags and I’m always on the lookout for designer ones at a discounted price. With so many fakes on the market, it’s essential that where they are purchased is somewhere that is trusted. Another deal breaking factor but is my personal preference is that it must be brand new.

Where do I buy my handbags?

99% of the time my designer handbags are bought from TK Maxx. At TK Maxx you can always find discounted designer items across the their broad range of stock. Frequently I get questions inspired by my handbags, including what do I do for a living. As someone that tends to overfill my handbags, the lifespan for the straps are heavily reduced. At a steal price when it’s a handbag that I love, I can even get two for when the first has served its time.

What do you do to save then?

I have a formula that I stick to when buying handbags at a discounted price. Looking for a high retail price but a sale price of between £45-£100. The retail price will typically be well over £100. An example of this is this Moschino handbag that I saw in store this week. The retail price is £215, however at Tk Maxx the sale price is £89.99! Not only is that a well-known designer brand at a steal price, it’s also a great investment should you decide to sell it on. When deciding I also tend to look for bags that are from well-known brands.

Any cons?

The only downside is that such items are often low in stock or the only one available. This leaves little time to go away and think before purchasing. Whilst this is less of an issue when buying through the TK Maxx website, you will usually have to buy on the spot when shopping in store.

More on TK Maxx

TK Maxx has a collection known as Gold Label. Under this collection you will find a variety of designer goods at a discounted price. Items here can be up to 60% off the retail price. TK Maxx is real treasure trove for shopping being rich on a budget. I have found however that some designer items sold aren’t always listed under their Gold Label collection. This is why it’s worth having a good look across the departments so you don’t miss out on any hidden treasures.