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There is no way that I could do my rich on a budget series without mentioning this fantastic sales website. Secret Sales houses various luxury designer brands for up to 80% off the retail price. This doesn’t just include menswear and women’s wear, but you’ll also find discounted home, kids, tech and beauty products too.  Like everyone, I hate receiving emails from websites I’ve signed up to, however Secret Sales is the exception to the rule. Secret Sales doesn’t bombard you with annoying spam just limited offered deals that are actually worth checking out. Whilst I love bargain shopping for myself, I always check out Secret Sales when present shopping for others.

What brands?

To name some of the designer brands that I’ve seen featured on Secret Sales include; Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Love Moschino, Sophia Webster, Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Christian Louboutin (including the popular red bottom heels). Like any website the prices vary but with over 1600 brands, there is always a wide range of affordable items for those with a strict budget.  

Do the brands change?

An important aspect of Secret Sales that is worth mentioning is the offers available change often. This is why you want to check regularly, but you’ll always find the end time of each offer displayed within easy eye view. Whilst there is more leeway in regards to the how quickly deals go, it is easy to intend to make a purchase at a later date, forget and completely miss it. This happened to me with an intricate watch from Vivienne Westwood that I kick myself every time I remember letting it slip by.

That’s a lot of brands and I’m in a rush, any help?

Over the festive periods the Secret Sales website is great for getting both early and last minute gifts. As not only are these usually in a section for the special occasion. Over the Christmas period, offers that would arrive in time leading up to Christmas Day had their own category. This saves you masses of time choosing a gift that wouldn’t be delivered until after the occasion. Currently there is a category for Mother’s Day. The mother’s day gift ideas have been divided into subcategories based on mum’s personality called “My mum is…” There is also a price range option varying from less than £50, between £50 and £100 and above £100. Secret Sales also features an Outlet section, offers here are up to 70% off, with a delivery of 2-4 days.

Anything else?

Typically, the products are outsourced, therefore there may be a longer than usual delivery. However, all offers have their expected delivery date noted next to the product. This feature alone beats other websites that don’t tell you delivery details until you’re about to make the purchase. All in all, I can’t recommend Secret Sales enough and wish I knew about saving money with them earlier.

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