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salon nails: how to do at home

Salon nails! So we’ve made it to the end of the second lockdown. Meaning we can celebrate the return of some of our favourite non-essential stores. One of those especially being nails salons. But the benefit of both of these lockdown experiences is that so many people have picked up a new skill. With many refusing to go without their refined nails, they resorted to learning how to do salon nails at home. There are even many who have discovered a new business doing nails after the first lockdown and now have clients. So whilst you might have thought that you couldn’t wait to see your favourite nail technician. You may have also realised that it’s a monthly expense that you’ll happily cut out if you could learn to do it yourself. So here’s how to get salon nails all from the comfort of your home.

Gel Polish

This method is great for painting your natural nails as gel polish lasts longer than standard nail polishes. But they are applied with the ease as you would a regular nail polish. Gel nail polishes provide you with a high quality and chip free manicure. Apply to your natural nails or nail extensions.

However, gel polishes do require the use of a UV/LED lamp to cure. Unless they are gel effect polishes that you can purchase. Gel effect polishes are built to look like gel polish but do not require curing with a UV/LED lamp. The benefit of gel effect polishes is that it is removed like you would any normal nail polish. Gel polishes however are removed with the use of manually or with an electric file, filing the top layer and soaking with acetone for roughly 15 minutes. This is the same removal method required for dip powder, poly gel and acrylic nails.

Dip Powder

This method is literally as the name suggests, dipping your nail. Dip powder works with a resin-based bonding agent. In comparison to acrylic nails that uses monomer. Which is a chemical liquid to bond the nail to the acrylic. Whether using nail extension tips or your natural nail, the basic idea of using dip powders is dipping the nail repeatedly into a highly pigmented powder. Prior to this the nails are prepped with a base coat after removing any excess oils. Individually dipping each nail into the powder until covered. The dip is then secured to the nail with topcoat.

Using dip powders is becoming a really popular method for natural nails as an overlay. Particularly as the results last for 3 weeks, in comparison to the two weeks that gel polish lasts on average. The only drawback to using dip powder is that you will have to use a tool to pour the powder rather than dip if you plan to share the powder. This is for hygiene purposes. The benefit of dip powder is the process is quicker than acrylic nails, as well as simpler. The layers are healthier for the nails as they are thinner. Which reduces the chance of the nail beds being damaged.

Poly Gel

Developed to provide the benefits of both gel and acrylic with monomer/ polymer nails. This being the flexibility of using gel, with the durability that acrylic with monomer/polymer can provide. Poly gel can also be used as an overlay on natural nails for a natural appearance. For a non-professional poly gel provides an easy to learn application that you can do yourself. To create nail extensions using poly gel, dual forms or nail forms are used. Dual forms are simpler to use and perfect for any budding self nail artist. Dual forms also have the added benefit of being reusable.

To use dual forms you simply apply the poly gel into the dual form. Then press onto your natural nail and cure with a UV/ LED lamp until dry. Once dried you remove the dual form and there you have your new nail extension. If you opt for a natural colour poly gel, your regrowth will be less noticeable. However, poly gel is available is a broad variety of colours, glitters and even glow in the dark.

Press On

Press on nails are absolutely perfect for those of us who work in a field that has a strict nail policy. Through the use of press ons I can effortlessly switch between glam nails and having my nails as accordance to meet the requirements as a nurse. Depending on the choice of attachment, press on nails can both be glued to the natural nail and worn long term like any other type of false nails. Or they can be attached with nail adhesive tape to be easily removed.

The biggest benefit for this method is that press on nails can be reused, making this method cost effective. You can either opt for pre-made press on nails or create them yourself. They’re simple to create by buying a set of clear false nails, measuring which one is the correct fit for each fingernail. Then painting them with gel polish. Another benefit for this method is that you don’t need the use of a UV/LED lamp as you can paint your press on nails using standard nail polish that you already own.

That’s it!

Who knew there were so many various ways you could do nails! Make sure that whichever method you’re using that you’re working somewhere with adequate ventilation. You can find all the products needed for the methods mentioned on Amazon, including very affordable UV/LED lamps if the method requires. There are even kits available on Amazon.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it left you feeling inspired. Whether that’s feeling inspired to give doing your own salon nails at home a go. Or maybe you’re practising in hopes of starting a nail business. The beauty of learning a new skill is that it allows you to discover what you enjoy. As well as giving you a potential career path should you decide to later in the future. But regardless of whether you choose to use your skill to make money. You will still be saving money that you would of spent going to the salon. This is money that you can now put to use elsewhere and have your nails exactly as you like them.

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