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Slimming World Classes: Save On Weight Loss

Slimming World classes will be on many people’s list of first months of the year dieting goals as a New Year resolution. After all the dinner parties that happen at Christmas and New Years. It’s no surprise that dieting and weight loss are such common goals around this time of year. For some the intention to work on their physical health was there from before Christmas. But they just didn’t get round to it until now. Which is perfectly fine. What’s important is getting the advice that you need and support to help you with your goal. This is where attending Slimming World classes can help you. But I can help you to be able to save money on your classes.

What is Slimming World?

Slimming World was founded in 1969 by the OBE and Fellowship of the Royal Society (FRSA) awarded Margaret Miles – Bramwell. Driven by her personal struggle with obesity from childhood. Margaret established her company to remove the shame and humiliation that those seeking help with weight management often faced. In order to provide somewhere that instead supported attendees with practical advice, and taught new habits for long-term success. As opposed to quick fix diet solutions. Slimming World currently celebrates being one of UK’s favourite aids for weight loss and over 50 years of establishment.

What are the benefits of attending Slimming World classes?

Slimming World is able to help attendees achieve weight loss. Most importantly sustain weight loss results through combining support, healthy yet filling meal plans and gentle exercise. By using such a combination, allows the attendee to be set up for life. With the skills to maintain long-term weight loss long after the programme has ended. You will be with people who have achieved the goal that you want. As well as people who are currently on the same journey, starting alongside you. This is a key benefit for you if you choose to use Slimming World, as opposed to just attending the gym. The support doesn’t just come from professionals who may not have ever been in your shoes.

How can I save money on these classes?

We all know gym fees can be expensive. On average, a gym membership is going to set you back roughly £40 a month. When on a tight budget, being able to afford to go to the gym is not even possible for many. So being able to save money on their aids for weight loss. Is the only way a lot of people can even attend a weight loss programme. Luckily Slimming World has a range of offers to fit the tightest budgets and schedules.

Slimming World has on offer a FREE 7 day eating plan. This is available to everyone that signs up to their free email newsletter through their website. If you attend Slimming World already you can bring along a young person (11-15 years old) for free. Using the Free2Go plan. The fee for 16-17 year olds is £3.95. Whilst for Over 60s is £4.65. Slimming World also have a great gift voucher scheme, so if you have any special occasions coming up. You can ask family and friends to gift you these instead. If you’d rather just use the online service, this is from £5 a week. If you’d rather attend a support group, this is from £4.95 per week. A great saving tip is to see how you get on by completing the free 7-day eating plan before paying any money.

So there you have it!

I hope this has been helpful for you. Attending Slimming World classes definitely has its benefits. The most beneficial being with Slimming World is that you are sharing your journey with others on a similar path as you. Being able to seek support and have people that you can relate to. Can help you stick to your goal until you achieve your desired results. These benefits certainly apply to any goal. So weight loss is definitely no different.

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